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The Penny Black on our masthead above is a "Virtual Forgery". As you can see it was scanned directly from a genuine South African stamp commemorating National Stamp day! It is a Virtual Stamp "Forgery" because it is a scanned image of an image of a stamp. So you see, some forgeries will be extremely difficult to detect ...  but who is going to go to all the trouble when Virtual Stamps can never command the premium prices some of their illustrious ancestors do.

    The intrinsic value of Virtual Stamps is determined by the forces of supply and demand. It may be seen as a fair return for time and effort invested in scanning and collecting images for the benefit of Virtual Stamp Collectors who would otherwise invest similar time, effort and expenditure in creating their own Virtual Stamps. And so the "Virtual Forger" can't even hope to get his money back! Spotting the odd "forgery" could, however, provide another fascinating avenue of recreation for collectors. Virtual Stamp Collectors have the advantage of the most amazing computer imaging techniques at their fingertips. Truly rare or unobtainable stamps are the most likely candidates for "Forgers" and that's why CyberStamp Club S.A.  certifies its own Virtual Stamp Products as 1st generation images of the real thing. i.e. bona fide Virtual Stamps.

But who really cares! CyberStamps are like Clipart images. MAY THEY ABOUND. Their usefulness comes in their application as an aid to a rewarding COMPUTER HOBBY which has everything to do with the appreciation of postage stamps and not much to do with rules.

This "forged" stamp was to be part of the 150th Anniversary of the Bible Society on 19th November 1987. It was withdrawn two days before its official release owing to religious objection and a fear that the Name of God depicted on it in Hebrew would be defaced, cancelled or disposed of.
Like most collectors, a good "forgery" might be the closest you'll ever get to owning one of these!

"Used" Virtual Stamps bring back the charm of examining items that have experienced long, often bumpy rides through the mail ...  the sometimes indifferent handling by busy post office personnel, not to mention the old postman or the dogs that pursued him. They have survived all these ordeals to bring with them messages of hope and joy, tears and hardship, love and happiness to millions of anxious addressees in most countries for over 150 years. Sometimes the scars or stains they bear speak volumes under the microscope of modern PC imaging techniques. Used Virtual Stamps are thus the most authentic category to collect.

"Mint" Virtual Stamps are much prettier - if that's what turns you on! They are more easily "forged" from look-alike print reproductions.

Some Virtual Forgeries to look out for are:

Published photographs of stamps in Stamp Books or magazines

  High quality print reproduction scanned

 Mint stamp scanned 


  Colour Catelogue illustrations

    ...or the real thing


Images of stamps 
that are not genuine 
postage stamps
But some prefer 
to collect interesting 
Virtual Labels
instead of 
Virtual Postage 


Black & White scans are 
not very representative 




Virtual Fun for Everyone


"Virtual Fun for Everyone"

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Last modified: March 25, 2002