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The "London Pictorials"

Early South African stamp issues were printed in both official languages, English & Afrikaans. Thus they are preferably collected as joined pairs 

The Dromedaris - Ship of Jan van Riebeeck of the Dutch East India Company - Arrived in Table Bay (named after the Mountain) on 6th April, 1652.


Orange Tree
(To save webspace, "click-on" enlargements of the English singles only  are provided from this point)



March 1927
Definitive Issue

The Union Buildings, Pretoria

Groote Schuur - Home of Cecil John Rhodes in Rondebosch, Cape Town - Later used as parliamentary residence for Prime Ministers

Cecil Rhodes bequethed a major part of this estate to the people of cape town and where a Zoo and Cape Town University were erected.

The set is so-named as the stamps were printed in London and exported to the Union of South Africa


A Zulu village of grass huts, found in the Natal Province

Note the irregular bottom perforation line

The Gnu or South African plains "Wildebeest"

Multiple Springbok Head

Voortrekkers" ...

 ...pioneers of the hinterland ...

... and the famous Ox-Wagons 

... they used.

Recess printing by Bradbury, Wilkinson & Co.

The Old Pier, Cape Town ...

... with Table Mountain looming behind
The color variations between this different language pair of Ten Shilling stamps is interesting. Perforation:
Approx. 14

"SuidAfrika" spelled as one word


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