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Issued 2nd January, 1926 to commemorate the original Cape Penny Triangular of 1853

The first 1853 Triangulars were printed in English only ... there was also a fourpenny value...

... so this is the first Afrikaans language triangular stamp, and, it seems, the last.

"Hope" is a mythical figure that became a well-known emblem of The Cape of Good Hope ... known to mariners for centuries before as The Cape of Storms.
Multiple Springbok heads

Blue-grey (Slate grey) colour, narrow margins and imperforate like its illustrious predecessor

Recess printing by Bradbury, Wilkinson & Co., London.
Second Airmail Issue

Issued 16th August, 1929 

14 x13.5



Printed by the Government Printing Works in Pretoria

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